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GLOBAL7 CASTING is designed to meet your individual requirements.     

With our extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and the fine
array of actors we represent across the globe, we pride ourselves in sourcing
the right talent suited to the most complex of character breakdowns.

Whatever your casting needs and budget, we are confident GLOBAL7 CASTING can help.


You may or may not know but I have always been passionate about business even when I was acting, I just didn't know it! Working as a professional actor meant that I was essentially running my own business (me!) again, I just didn't know it! At the time I was just consumed with my love and passion for bringing a character to life, to deepen my understanding of the human condition and for the audience to experience and be completely enmeshed in seeing a performance which would hopefully resonate with them and they could perhaps learn something new about themselves, about humanity, about life.
GLOBAL7, the Actors Agency, has taught me that anything is possible, literally! Yes it has been a challenge (and still is) but here's the thing, I have started something and like a baby will grow with love and devotion.
I feel and know that we all have a beautiful and unique potential, God-given and yet we are too "busy",  "asleep" or in a constant state of "fear" to know that we have been blessed with such amazing gifts, talents, personal power, the power to love, live, to find inner peace, the power to succeed and be truly happy.
It means being in the NOW and living your life, taking back your personal power, connecting with others consciously and unconsciously, being self-aware, confident, resilient, curious, open to opportunities, starting a business if you believe that it is something that you really want to do and giving back to humanity. Everything is everything.
G7 Women in Business has arrived! It's taken a bit of a journey to get here and there is still more way to go but the important thing is that G7 Women in Business is present and it is happening NOW!
G7 Women in Business Mission statement and vision
G7 Women in Business is to provide a consistent high-quality network, a thinking space, time and positive energy to create and realise women's business ideas world-wide.
Core values
Equality of opportunity: Respecting, empowering and promoting women in business
Leadership & Accountability: To shape a better future
Collaboration & Partnerships: Education, motivation, sharing new ides and concepts
Integrity: Keeping it real
Service: A passionate fun experience like no other
Giving Back.
Despite great progress in recent decades, women are still more likely than men to be in low-paid jobs and are under-represented in senior positions. The evidence shows that there is untapped potential among women and that the economy is missing out because women have a lower rate of economic activity than men. By equalising the labour market participation rates of men and women, the UK could further increase economic growth by 0.5 percentage points a year, with potential gains of 10% of GDP by 2030. And if women were setting up and running new businesses at the same rate as men, we could have an extra one million female entrepreneurs.
(Policy advisory group, Women's business council)
I am really excited to hear about whether you or a friend (who is a woman of course!) would like to start up a business, what business ideas excites you? What do you love and are passionate about? What steps have you taken? You may be an expert in your field, would you mind sharing with other women? Is it fear, finance or both that is stopping you from starting your own business? Lack of knowledge and resources? Confidence? Health? Relationships? Just what is stopping you and what are you doing about it?

How would you like G7 Women in Business to work for you?

Please spread the word and forward on! Thank you for your time.
Stay Blessed. Stay Connected.